Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pulled Over by Cops.

My mother woke me up to drive my dad and sis to Crystal Crown Hotel.
For some, health camp.

They were filled with energy and all ready to kick off with a healthy lifestyle.
But I wasn't.
I just wanted to sleep,
on the pillow with my smell on it.

Oh yea, we were even earlier than the roosters in my neighbourhood.
How I know?
They were my companion during SPM days,
er, maybe only on the day before SPM.

So anyway, we got on to the car, cranked it up, sank ourselves into the seats and warmed up planet Earth.

You see, it's bad to go POWEERR right after the engine got started. It's better to warm it up, drive slow, soft on the accelerator and sweet talk to the car. Say things like,
"I've never regretted choosing you"
"You're the prettiest car ever"
She will feel like she's the luckiest car in the universe.

While I got so into sweet talking, I glanced at my rear mirror and went,
"Wah! So early got police car".
Then I made a left hand turn, he was right on my butt.

Remember that I was driving very slow. Thinking that maybe it wants to overtake me, I moved more to the left and that's when I saw the disco lights.

Police : Encikk, pergi mana?
Me : Er, angkat orang pergi holiday.
Police : Oh, Family Holiday?
My Dad : Business Trip.
Police : Oh.. Family holiday pergi mana?
(the police still thinks it's a family trip)
Me : Port Dickson.

Police went around my car to check the road tax.

While I was digging up for my driving license, thinking that he'll definitely ask for it, I couldn't recall where was it and seriously, almost passed him this.

Initial D racing card.
The arcade game I used to play with my mates before going for tuition in Omega.

(I was still feeling very sleepy that time).
But of course, I passed him my IC and driving license.
He checked my identifications and bid his farewell.

Everything was fine and he went off.

I was just thinking, what if I passed him my Initial D racing card?

I bet he'd have went...

I loveeee youuu soo muchhh you know??
muARkz mUaRkss...

(Kiki-lala : Underwear brand for kids. Sounds, a bit Japanese la hor? lol)



Anyway, If you realize I only have one star on my card (from above),
one star = n00b/newbie.

I somehow, always.. lose.

Just make me feel good can?

Cheers !
Vroomm Vroommm...

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Picture that Matters.

Today is rather special.
Simply because I made a rare discovery behind the wooden blocks of broken drawers. It's not what exactly you call "expensive".

"Oh, I've just found golden coins with the Queen's face on it"

Nothing close to that.
But it has to do with birds and China.

I think Chinese love birds. Like how they love tea and maybe "imitating things".
For some.

Anyway, my discovery was so, profound.
I had to check the Pang Dictionary.

My mum!

I was this young (in red).

I took my very first photograph by myself.
(at least till date, the only one found)
Proven by all time faithful mother.

firstphototaken 2

There goes the bird and China.

See the link now?

Let's see, that could only be me because, my dad would most likely to be fascinated by mountains and sceneries, my brother would be crapping in his pants and my mum, cleaning them up. My sis, oh well, looking at China boys.

Who else would have wasted the film?
The ignorant one.

I wonder why of all places, I tilted the camera down to the floor and took a bird with a leaf on its beak. Maybe I found it cute.


Okay, I said birds and you people expected real birds.
Well, a drawn one isn't that bad I suppose.
Drawn on the busy streets of somewhere in China

I'm truly happy.
anyone willing to pay me millions for this?
It's still, a Discovery.

Cheers !

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spirit of Television

The other day I was watching this show, Star Celeb on NTV7.
A reality show that showcases many ambitious future TV presenter, model and etc.

I don't deny that it's entertaining to watch. But hey, reality TV shows have been entertaining all the while.

I got rather annoyed to be frank.
Nothing against the show.

The thing is that, they try to make TV presenters an all-rounder.
Similar to what Singapore is doing also.
They have to act, sing, dance & perform at the same time.
Which makes them,
jack of all trades, master of none.

Where is the personality ! ?
I rather have TV presenters like nasty looking Jeremy Clarkson
but with rich personality and delivers it well.

They often loses the core to it.
Which is damn, a sad thing.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

An apology

Sorry for the lack of updates.
I fully understand how it feels to visit blogs without updates.

But I shall be back! In a few days time.

Partly due to exams.
which makes part of the excuse.

Anyway, after going to church for almost all my life. Somehow, going to church feels very much at home.

Update more another day.
feeling the pinch of exhaustion.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Monday, October 15, 2007

What Went Wrong.

Today is my sister's birthday
so happy birthday Stella Pang.

Day after tomorrow is when my first paper starts !


Previous post was (CCC)
and this is (WWW)

Triple H is still around for somebody's sake.

Just the other day (last Friday), my Senior (tutor) made a BIG mistake.

You see, my college is kind enough to give Law tutorials by seniors for pathetic, turtle looking nuts like us (according to Mr. Ramesh, whom is our lecturer).

So I guess, he thinks that we are cute and some of us would dance around Xun's blog on two legs.

Okay, so this senior of mine was talking on Criminal Process. What can the police do with reasonable suspicion and blah. Until..

He thought of a Genius illustration, with the Capital G.

He suddenly went,
Let's say Philip has a bomb under his pants but when the police asked him about it,

he answered,

"Where got BOMB lah Encikk"

Basing on reasonable suspicion, the police "aloba-ed" Philip and took his pants off in public.
and some statements are not appropriate to be stated here.
cause I realize I have "young" readers, too bad.

How did he even thought of this?
Bomb + pants = ouch!

Then comes the shitty part.
He went,

"HAHAHA!! Philip, just kidding la..
But really got bomb, small yet explosive. Only your girlfriend will know la"


I gave him the "Im going to kill you tonight look" with an evil smile.

In the first place what you mean by "small".
Youu piece of ... crap.

Then after class some girls came and said to me..

"He said yours small le (giggles)"
and walks away.

Never mind! I'm a man of integrity.

Top tip from me,
When a man talks bad about someone else, he is only basing on his own experience/what he has got.

Ah ha!

Okay, now how do I bring this message across to those who were deceived by the evil tutor?
they won't believe.

Don't Cheers this time round.
Just Don't.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Craperdy Craperdy Crap

Let's lay down some facts.
My first paper will be on next Wednesday (17/10)
and follows on with other papers.

But I still want to fly my helicopter, steal flags, snipe at enemy's head.

Battlefield 2
Piangg Pianggg..

See! So fun hor.

This is simply called game addiction.

FTW !!

Cheers !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on the 1.20 dot

A whole lot of changes will take place soon.

I'm sick of not being productive and not contributing much for my future.

talk about regrets eh.
I have plenty of them.

But I rather have it now than later.

Mangkali loves you.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Audio Illusion

Wouldn't be updating that often no more.
Exam is around the corner.

Anyway, I shall leave you all a very interesting video.

Audio Illusion.

AMAZING Audio Illusion - Amazing videos are here

(read the instruction on the video)
(just keep repeating it and you'll know the magic)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pond Washing Plasticman!

For those who expected quite a lot for this entry, frankly, it's nothing much la..
It's like those TV advert that disappoints, get it?

Let's start off with, a very dirty fish pond with very timid fishes in it. Apparently the last time we cleaned it was 3 - 4 years ago. That makes the filter really dirty and thus, the water level will drop, causing the motor to suck up air but not water and explode like a North Korean bomb on "South Sea of Canada".


Yeap, my faithful old pond.

And that's me wrapped in a giant made in China plastic bag,
raincoat (free gift from SG NDP 2006)
And you think I look hawt?
Hell ya !

I wore that cause I didn't want worms intruding and taking over my skin.
But remember condoms are only 99% safe.
That makes it even worse for this useless, easily torn raincoat.

I reckon Giant plastic bags are better.
Ha, as if.

These are the filter nets, check out those flora, they must be real happy living in fish poops.
hello little ones!

This is even better than the advert with 3 man standing in front of Petronas Tower and the middle part of their shirt became white.
"wahh.. Soooo amazinnggg"

And that is how dirty it was.
Fish crap smells like, fermented bread.
+ lots of tuna.


Anyway, all the pictures were taken with my trusty old Sony Ericsson T610, blogging with me since old modblog days, with not much civilization that time.
It deserves a post on itself.

Until then,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coming Up,

Yes! Thanks for all the replies on the previous post.
Good ol' Dog.

Anyway, there'll be another post coming soon concerning a man wrapped in plastic bags. Yeah!
Taken all down with a trusty old friend.

Come on back in 2 days time or so,