Thursday, June 21, 2007


The other day I was watching the Alleycats on rtm2. Little did I know it was the tribute for Loganathan Arumugam who died on 4th June 2007 due to lung cancer. He was 54.

He is in white.

I seldom listen to local music but Alleycats, they're just different.
Loga and his butterfly move will be missed.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mascot-ing isn't the coolest thing.

Here comes the traffic light.

Hit me!

Mr. Porky and me.
He makes RM300 for 2 days!
How easy is that?

This is Shaun. That bugger who reckoned me this job.

1 year and 5 months old kid.
My facial expression shows it all as my sweat drips their way to my toe. Sweet!

Kids + 1 adult nowadays don't smile but mascot does.

Something I really enjoyed was being able to see the nice smiles and entertaining those drivers on the road. HAHA!!

Maxis hired their worst mascot.
Kids either cry or run away when I approach them.
Their mum will then say,
"Don't worry, traffic lights are men's best friends".

While I sweat my way to Mars.

So long fellas!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Fwah, it has been decades since my last entry. Anyway, I received a SMS from Shaun; he offered me a 2 day job as a Mascot for Maxis. They are launching Maxis Broadband. I wonder why they need a mascot for. Oh well, he said it will look something like a traffic light? uhM? Maxis? Traffic light? Me? Thinks. Hmmm..


Boohoohoo, I'm a muffin and I'm freakin' ugly.

So ya, surprisingly, I agreed to it. It's not for the money though the pay is RM100 for 2 days. Perhaps seeing others smile makes me smile too. This is gonna be so idiotic but great fun. Fuyoh! More pictures will be up soon.

8.06.07 : 9am - 5pm
9.06.07 : 9am - 3pm

Taman Molek Maxis Centre.