Saturday, February 14, 2009

Parenting.. What!


Think parenting, Well, if you are my age, you most probably wouldn't. Unless you find yourself waking up as Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten. Which can be pretty daunting to picture out.

For the past few months, I found myself quite engaged with the nature of parenting. No, It's not that I am in search of a new hobby and thought parenting to be, really hip and fun. Nope, not that. It's nothing near that. It doesn't even have anything to do me initially. But it has something to do with my brother and a damn horny cat.

It started off when my brother brought back a kitten, roughly 5 months back. It was only slightly bigger than the size of my palm back then. We named it after our own creative deficiency, Meow Meow (always go for the sound the animal makes, it's easy) and the rest was history. It is now family.

Picture a cat now being part of the family. It's like having a little moving object that is always running around, scratching stuffs. Hopping around with a ball.

As time passes by, it started to get all horny. It ran away from home for sex but was chased back by my dog, released a certain kind of discharge, called for love, got into position all the time. Which is better? to protect and deprive it from its instincts or to leave it free as it is.

For once, I had the same concern as most parents with young daughters would. Of course, the reason varies and both the subject matter cannot be compared from an objective point of view, but I sort of get it why some parents are usually more protective when it comes to a young, teenage girl.

At the end, we gave our cat to our neighbour. It's certainly not due to the reason mentioned above. We gave it away because in time to come, nobody will be free to take care of it (and its offspring) and it's never good to lock the cat up in a room. It should be as free as other cats. That neighbour of mine has a male cat. Let's see what happens.

Night ride.


Heck, we'll still go in the room calling Meow Meow, like we used to.

Don't ask.