Thursday, October 30, 2008

Perfect Morning Breeze


Strong wind sent the blind knocking into my monitor. I looked out the window, trees were gushed around, lightning lit up the sky. Winamp has since stopped playing its tracks. I was trying to figure out the exact time during that moment. What may seem absurd is that, despite looking at my surroundings, I certainly felt as though the sky has suddenly turned dark from what seems like a peaceful sunny afternoon. Trying to make sense to myself, I looked back at my messed up bed, trying to recall the hours spent in bed.

By that time, it has started to rain heavily. Still in a dreamy state, I picked up my glasses, checked the time on the computer and everything made perfect sense. For a moment, I thought I was in a transitional period of a dark afternoon. It felt rather, real.

Got my songs playing again to soothe the mood. I went out of my room for a breather. The morning breeze was just phenomenal. A furious thunderstorm out there and I'm glad I'm not of without shelter. By then I realised that I've long forgotten about the clothes downstairs. Drenched, for the second time, since yesterday. Mum's not going to be happy but she wouldn't find out either. She's away for a week. Besides, the sun will dry them all up later. Double drench! ;)

The rain died down and off I went for a hot soupy 'Ah Piau Wan Ton Mee'. Came back, watched Janice and Sonia on youtube, fantastic, pretty duo. Quote;

'Touch my heart like nobody's business okayy.. - Alan Pang'.

Listening to them early in the morning starts the day off with a whole different tone. Thanks Vic for the heads up.

Besides all that, I'm back to blogging, with slightly more idea about why I'm in this whole blogging bonanza.