Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day at Court

High Court (senior named Prem)

Fuh, we look like some proper taxi driver with white top and black bottom.

Off to High Court. It feels different inside, you have lawyers walking around with big luggages on trolleys, workers smoking weeds and people looking at you like,

"Ahh, ini mesti budak-budak law. Muka macam Serabai je, guaguaa..."

Leslie Kok's brother, Sam Kok.

So, 15 proper looking taxi drivers with their muka macam serabai, we entered the court. After walking for awhile, I observed one thing, walking is part of their job. those lawyers who walk with no wind behind their back are n00b lawyers, every time kena pwn that kind. Those walk got kuat kuat punya wind that kind, can PK people anytime. But the sad thing is, they all look old.

Random. Queue in the toilet which only has 2 cubicles and no urinals. @%#@!!

Judge still flirting with secretary over some teh tarik. Damn, Im so dead.

Court in session.. Teekkk, then the police goes.. Bannguunnnnn... Bow. This was a drug smuggling case under criminal law. Long story but today's session, no verdicts were given. Just debates between lawyers. Interesting though. The police guard was rocking his chair to the beats of Beethoven.

The other session was on contract under civil law, I wasn't inside cause it was packed. According to my friend, he said it was very interesting cause the judge kept questioning the lawyers and giving them a hard time.

Lawyer : My Lord, the accused....
Judge : I don't want to know the story. I want to know what section is it.
Lawyer : (Continue with his story...)
Judge : I want to know the Section not the story. I already know the story.
Lawyer : Flipped his notes, kept quiet and sat down.

We were like some tourist, damn jakun.

Anyway, while I was on my way back with my dad, I asked my dad what's criminal in mandarin. Something "fan". My dad replied, "yiu yu fan ar" Cuttlefish Rice. LOL! We were thinking what to have for lunch. It's actually "xian fan" Salted rice.