Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a walk down memory lane

You know, when you get so bored sometimes, you dig up your old photo albums and there goes half your day? What my mum did was, to arrange all the pictures taken since we were born and hand it to us when we finish secondary school. That's basically coming to the ending pages of the album. Same goes to my sister and brother.

In China, Alan's in green, I'm in red

So yesterday, my mum came to me, gave me my album and said, "now, you're the guardian". Best whey, It's like when you open the photo album, a bright light shines out of it and it sucks you in. lol. I wonder where my brother got sucked to. HAaa..

Damn, check out those tummies, bloated whey! Come you lil froggman fella, climb to papa.

Anyway, i really do appreciate my mums effort in doing so and that this must be continued in our future families. Heh, future wife's task. Lol! It shall be done.

Monday, March 19, 2007

National Service


I'm back from NS for almost a week now. Thinking back from the day I first got there till the last day, it still brought back a smile. It was during these days I got to experience life in a different way.

It's always good to step out from your own comfort-zone and have a good look outside. But things could get rough, really rough when you have a large spectrum of characteristics to deal with and a whole lot of stuffs. Woah, God really made everyone different.

Anyway, this 2 months and 11 days of "self sacrifice" (slaughtering, poking here and there) heh, had widened my perspective. More patriotic? opps.. I have more love for my country.

I look as if I'm going to kill myself.

Ah-Cik, Best shot taken (flying fox)

Pattern more than badminton (Colt-M16)

Pattern more than badminton x2

Overall, I would give a thumb up to PLKN. Excluding the lousy management, others were pretty well organized. Speaking of "management", the logistic department is teh-laozee.

Almost everything I wore were out of size except for my own boxers! at least it was still comfortable. Haha! and I got my boots 2 weeks before everything ended.

How cool was that? I thought I wouldn't be wearing it through out the whole program.

Mandi Laut (Desaru)

Campfire (wira jaya)

In the woods.

Dudes from Delta.

Wira Delta with Commander (Major Esah binti Sulaiman)

Kayaking with Xiao Ming

Kayak competition.


Delta won as a overall champion. Oh well, despite my toes crying and me looking like some baker, life there was good. Damn, I miss you guys.

PLKN Siri 4 Kumpulan 1 2007