Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carstrucked !

2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R at Mutiara Motors

Taken with my trusty Sony Ericsson T610.

That's teknologi !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Economics Today

Sex as replacement in developing countries? My friend Naga has it.

true wisdom my friend, true wisdom.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've Been LOL'D

Just when you think you've had it for the day. Your clock turns into a laughing machine.


What happened was that the other night I was on my bed but I couldn't sleep. For 20 minutes of rolling agony, I turned my head towards the clock and..

I was LOL'D.

What the hell !?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Evil Gay Tag.

I've been tagged by Alven, wah! sibeh ghey sial.

01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same.

In specific order,

From number 10 - 1.

I shall be the only one who takes effort into doing this. Oh bugger.

Here goes nothing then..

*Readers discretion is advised for very disgusting half naked pictures of extremely ugly men popping out of no where from your screen*

10. Brad Pitt (ripped from Joylyn)

check out his lil' lawn.

Ah ha! I know what you people are thinking.

"ZOMGG! Philip is like sooo freakin' gay man I tell youuuu.."

No lah, I don't like Brad Pitt.

I just needed someone to expose his pits and I found him.


Can't think of 9, 8,7 and 6.

5. Arnold Suahzenagorrr..



EPIC mann, EPICC!!!

4. Contestant 5 on Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

angry 5

I will kill you...

3. Neighbour kid from Singapore.

Mr. Batman bin Suparman,
You've made it to my list!

2. Rick Astley

For once, this is real.


Watch it!
5 stars!

and for no.1....
















1. ME ! when I was in primary 5.

I look bloody out casted.
The girls were holding each other but..


Doesn't a fat kid deserve some love and attention, affection maybe while you girls were giggling and laughing away at each other!? Look at the girl beside me. She even leaned away from me.


Argh! and because of that, I honour myself (the primary 5 me) as the hottest man/boy on planet earth!

If you're wondering where am I, look all the way to the right.

That is if your eyes were made of sheep's wool.

Hawt right...


So there you have it. My ghey-iest post in history.

I am passing this evil tag to :
1. Nicole Ong
2. Denise Ong
3. Kimmy Ong
4. Serah Ooi
5. Melanie Tan

Boo YAh!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Of Dreams and Mighty Underwears

One day when I am older, I will leave my hair long and ride a bike cross country.

Just like that.


Philip u wtf

Oh yes. Thaat face is totally whack!
Taken in Form 4.

Philip cool naik motor

Now, that's pretty cool for a start.

*Thanks XY for the pictures.