Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Losing It

Over the past few months. I went through quite a few losses that is both heart breaking and detrimental. However, thankfully it is not the subject of life and death we are on. That would have different effects. Not too sure about you, but I think we always learn a great deal of lessons through losing something. People always advise us never to repeat our mistakes and often say we could have prevented that if we've planned an escape strategy/plan B.

Sad to say, I haven't been learning the secret to that. Here's why.

Story A
Constantly losing hard disks to grasshoppers.

I'm a person who is too well attached to my personal computer, when you things in it away from me. It leaves me with a very bad feeling of being stabbed by robbers in result of being really dumb, by saving a phone for all it takes. Thus the stabs. Okay, maybe not exactly but sometimes when I come to think of it, a kind of sourish real awful, rotten fish feeling would land in.

What happened was, I got my laptop late last year which means it's fairly new and by pure luck, you expect it to be a proper healthy running machine. I held high expectations given its parent company is HP.

But turns out, after 7 months with due care and love. I had a faulty hard disk with plenty of bad sectors. Partly, Vista might be culprit for corrupting it. Seriously, Vista is such a pain up the arse. I've been running Windows 7 RC as my main OS for a while now, and boy it works like a charm. Amazing step up from the guys at Microsoft. It's set to be out by the end of this year, so watch for it.

So anyway, this current loss is accountable for my 3rd hard disk death in 4-5 years. Now the question now is, were the files saved.

1st Hard disk (40gb) - Lost everything cuz I waz a pc newbz.

2nd Hard disk (80gb) - Managed to save some but lost most of it. Including my secondary school memories which till today, still hurts deep inside when I think about it.

3rd Hard disk (250gb) [recent] - I had 2 partitions. One is saved (all documents and media files) but the primary partition was corrupted. Which means all my softwares, bookmarks, random thoughts, scribbles, tweaks, etc were all gone.

It wasn't as bad as before if compare it by order. But I'm sadden by the fact that my random typeout, my bookmarks (then I discovered Xmarks) were gone. There goes half my collection and productivity booster. It wasn't until after it was all gone I realise the true value it holds. The minute datas were truly the lifeblood.

One thing, I think there could never be factors too similar to a mistake compared with previous mistakes. On the surface and as the old saying goes, it really seems like we never learn. We make the same mistakes and it's nothing but a cause of something that could be prevented. And that is why it makes perfect sense. Afterall, we've learned a lot more ways to go about it. If there are efforts in doing it right, I can only see it in a possitive light.

And guess what, I drive a 16 year old car now with similar characteristic to any lada cars. Pride of old Russia. This car has had hiccups and shows nothing but trouble.

Did I mention that my phone died as well?

Wait, why every single thing I own have similar expiry dates izzits ?

Pluuezz manufacturers cross industries stop the conglomorate canz.

pluuuezzzzzz. dun liddat.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day at work

Sometimes, I just think that I work with a bunch of hard working, dedicated, cracky people.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Early Workforce Entry

For about the whole half of this year, I have been mostly away from the online blogging community. Perhaps timeout came naturally 'Peet-Peet, and you're out'.

It feels fresh to be back. I think getting to clear up the purpose behind one thing, makes a hell lot of other things easier. Blogging should be really simple. No hassle on what comes or not. It isn't like you're sucking up to Wall Street Journal's ass for a tiny part of your life back. I find it extremely infuriating and time consuming to filter out a blog entry. It's demoralises the soul to click and hold on the backspace key. It's like thrashing your brain multiple times on the same spot.

Besides that uninteresting, useless explanation. Here's a bit more on the events, changes that took place this first, second quarter of this year.

I'm currently employed as an employee at my dad's carpet/blinds factory. Truth be told, you may be right. My a levels sucked so badly, no companies in Singapore (except Starbucks) would hire any unqualified worker like myself. In fact, they didn't even want to talk anyone with a levels. In response to those seeking advise on which degree to pursue for an easy path, go for a technical degree. That is only if you believe in such a thing, I don't.

Everything took place around September last year in a career fair in Suntec Singapore. I remember getting only one reply out of the 100+ resumes I sent. I went for my first formal interview with a medium sized corporation and it went pretty okay. I googled myself to all possible questions and picked up a thing or two on how things work.

The outcome? They replied, 'I'm sorry, our quota for foreigners is full'. Don't blame us, blame gahmen keep cap small. I remember when I was there, a dude in old polo tees and jeans came walking in for the interview as well. I shook his hand and couldn't imagine how stupid I looked there. I was all dressed up with a proper tie, heading for a great fall.

I went off. I remember when I was in the MRT, holding on to my briefcase with only 3 sheets of paper in it, I felt exactly the same as those uncle who just got retrenched from those Channel8 drama series. Only different is, I didn't even get the job. Surprisingly, I wasn't upset at all. I took it a very, very early experience in entering the workforce. It was a handful of experience really.

My eyes hurt now. I'll continue on the next entry. I know I wrote first, two quarter of this year. That's coming next.