Sunday, January 13, 2008

Memorable School Days

Just click PLAY and you'll see what I used to do at school.

those lame days were the best!

heh heh
still quite funny larh.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Different Christmas

Let's see..
Christmas was, last year?
Better late than never right!?


So anyway, I was at a mall entertaining/deceiving kids during Christmas. I must say, it was a pretty interesting way to 'celebrate' Christmas. Not in any way the nicest looking Santa nor real but who bothers?

We're in Johor Bahruu folks !

How fake can a Santa look then?


This fake.
Sadly, Santa lost some weight and turned Chinese.

ho4 ho4 ho4.. (in pinyin).

Now Chinese kids can be proud to be Chinese again.
man.. I should be in their history textbook.

this kid must be thinking..

when did Chinese people have beards like that?
Isn't it suppose to be black?
and that flat nose.
is that even real?

you must be photoshoped.


At least the frog on his shirt is happy..
and his.. Dad ..

This is cutest child I've met that day.
look at the camera boy,

and the girl who spreads her leg all the time.
damn funny.

Alright, now put your observation skill to the test.
Can you conclude their facial expression?

they all look at me with the same look, same pattern?

They just stare at you with their tiny eyes.
that was indeed very, very cute.

Apart from that, we'd wishing sessions where I'd to be on stage and kids will come up to me for a gift. Some kids were so afraid, they cried while some just wanted the free gift.

Only that their hands were so very sticky.
That was the disgusting part.

Met some church members that day. That includes Uncle Ricky and family.

Overall, I had great fun that day. Having the chance to wish strangers a Merry Christmas freely doesn't occur often and it seriously feels good to see people smiling.

Life isn't such a bitch after all.

that just sounds..
quite ghey.