Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Frills and Trills of Being Lost

Ever experienced the hybrid emotions that mixes all your senses while driving?

Adding in also the aftermath effects of consuming oysters that weren't fresh the previous night.

Not the adrenaline rush of G-force sinking you into your seat or whatnot.

Well, I did. All in a day,
in the land they call ..


It all started with a not-so brilliant idea of my brother suggesting me to drive him to Swissotel Merchant Court early at 4.30am. That means, drive him there, drop him and drive home alone.

And of course being the rational and sensible me, I denied his offer at first. Proving my stand that I'd rather be on bed than squeezing my way through with the swarm of noisy, irritating bikes and my ignorance in road directions.

See, that's what reasonable people does. Nothing special in any way.

Not so this time. Mr. Sensible has been poisoned with UHU Glue by Mr. Challenger.

So anyway, Alan's idea turned into a brilliant idea and I accepted the challenge to battle it out with the roads in Singapore.

A quick list on the tools needed before hand.

1. Google Map.
2. Street Directory.
3. A car that looks fierce.
4. Sufficient Petrol.
5. A mouth that speaks.
6. Time.
7. No tummy ache.
8. A PSP to keep you happy.

I was well equipped ..
except for no.7 ..

A map for reference.

Route A (back to JB)
Eu Tong Sen Road-> Hill Street -> Stamford Road -> Fort Canning Road -> Scotts Road -> Stevens Road -> Whitley Road -> PIE -> BKE -> JB

Alright. Guess what? I didn't turn into Stamford Road.
Yea, laugh all you want and that's not all.
I went on straight.

All the way to Beach road and stopped at Bussorah Street (near Plaza Singapura) to plan for route B. By this time my stomach was killing me.

Route B
Crawford Street -> Lavender -> Balestier -Moulmein Road -> Thomson Road -> Whitley Road -> PIE -> BKE -> JB

I made it to Moulmein Road but somehow ended up going back to City area. Passing by Orchard, Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut heading to Marina Square. I passed by Suntec City Mall, Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Mandarin Singapore, Esplanade and stopped right at The Singapore Flyer which is still under construction. This time to plan for route C.

Route C
Stamford Road -> Orchard Road -> Penang Road -> Somerset -> Orchard Link - Bideford Road -> Clemenceau Avenue -> Newton Circus -> BKE -> PIE -> JB

Once I made it to Orchard Link, I decided to merge it with route A which links to Scotts Road -> Stevens Road -> Whitley Road -> PIE -> BKE -> JB.

I made it back at last with my stomach still killing me and there was a jam going back to JB. This time, the PSP came in handy. I had plans to park in a hotel to take a crap but I just didn't. I don't know why. Every time I made it to a hotel, a bus stops me from turning into the car park.

Finally, I've conquered mostly the City area and a little bit of its outskirts.

I'm glad I didn't take the easy way out through CTE. That would make it so much less fun.

I say this was more of a trip to explore Singapore and sad truth is that, Singapore is really quite small. The road changes so quickly, all the turnings are very near.

sort of.

Cheers !

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well well well..

A slight update on what's happening.

1. Me mates from KL are coming over for a night stay.
2. I found out that I can live without my phone but not the internet for a day.
3. My internet got cut off. Again.
4. Battlefield 2 is the game to play.

Anyway, It's back to tradition today and it's about, hakka.

Janggg.. (insert traditional music yaww')

You see, both my parents are hakka and that makes me a crystal pure hakka. However, a pure hakka who doesn't speak 客家话 (Kèjiāhuà) is a bit of a waste. That's me. I only know, hakka-nim which means a Hakka women and a little bit more. That's it.

So to make up to it, I did a little bit of study.

Hakkas in Fujian (China)

The Hakka were originally immigrants from northern China who settled in the southern provinces. The Hakkas who settled in the mountainous region of south-western Fujian province developed a unique form of architectural building known as tu lou (土樓), literally meaning earthen structures.

They sure do love circles and sticking them together.

The tu lou are round or square and were designed as a combined large fortress and multi-apartment building complex. The structures typically had only one entrance-way, with no windows at ground level. Each floor served a different function: the first floor containing a well and livestock, the second food storage and the third and higher floors contain living spaces. Tu-lou were built to withstand attack from bandits and marauders.

According to my dad, he said the Hakkas lived on mountains and usually Hakka food will taste a little bit more salty due to the use of salt to preserve. Talking about food, there's Lei Cha aka Ham Cha. Nowadays they call it the beauty/healthy-meal. That makes Hakka-nim damn chio lorh. lol!

I had that for lunch. Oh good Lord, I am chio.

I reckon there's this restaurant called "Restoran Rasa Hakka" near Tebrau market. They serve good Hakka food. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend ehy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Normal entries will resume after Friday (16.11.07).

The day I go head on with Law and regain victory.

Until then, everything else shall be secondary.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've completed the whole season one of Heroes in 3 days.
Which I'm not exactly proud of.
Plus I'm not some hardcore drama freak fan.

It made me feel like one of them. That's partly why.. I kept on watching, pushing my limits till dawn.

And all I end up with is, looking like an old panda and a broken circadian clock.

Maybe the world needs superheroes like that!

to destiny...

I come in peace. Just like star trek! *\/
Hiro Nakamura. Teleporter, time bender and a Jah-pa-nese man.

I miss old days as a kid believing that superheroes are real and they were cooler back then. But once you get treated by reality and age, superheroes only appear in movies, action figures and some Halloween costumes. Even dogs wear it.

Alright, that's it. Watch Heroes if you want goosebumps.
It's rejuvenating.

I say it's like, putting ice cubes on your toes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Updates and Scrabble

How am I feeling now?

I feel like a dead tuna fish canned in a tin soaked in sunflower seed oil.

and I tell you, it's going to end soon.

Let's go 2 years back.


Scrabble made more.. gay.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Jeremy Clarkson wins Special Recognition Award

At the National Television Awards ceremony in the UK, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson took out the Special Recognition Award for his ‘unique contribution to television.’ The normally collected Clarkson seemed genuinely surprised to have won the award, which was presented to him by none other than Lewis Hamilton. You can watch both Clarkson’s introduction and the award presentation.

Via: German Car Scene

After watching Top Gear since the early seasons, with Richard almost got run down by a bull and all the amount of entertainment, it leaves me a happier person just after watching an episode of it.

Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Clarkson.

Mark what Jeremy said at the end.
" .......and of course there is James and Richard. Without whom.. Without whom.. Actually still could have been possible".


Batman VS Predator

If you're a fan of batman, you'll like this.

One of the best jokers yet,
only that he's a little short.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

TATA Crubicle

(it's suppose to be 2007. The picture above is an old one)

I would say, this is quite remarkable
and Indians are smart people.

It airs on Thursday nights at 9.30pm on Channel NewsAsia.
I reckon you all to give it a try at answering.

You know, these quizzes get you challenging yourself behind the tele.
"Oh! I should have nailed that one"

C'monnn.. think you old brain, Think!

So for the record, I got one right at a snap of my finger.
The Microwave Oven one.
If you know what I'm talking about.
It's basically an invention caused by an accident.
So I got.. 1/10?

Oh Okay..

I better stick with watching Homer Simpsons catching his own ass.

Until then,