Thursday, June 19, 2008

My 'Ohh So' Glamorous Birthday

Once again, it is the time in a year again when I go 'Oh boy! Oh boy! It's my birthday!' while I will stare at the ceiling the night before on my bed, smiling like a real idiot. This year, wasn't quite the same as it was before and here's why, but first let's go back 9 years ago.

9 years before.

18.06.1999, Friday.

I was 10, Jan was 9 going 10.

That is Janice on the right and me cutting the cake.
I bet it was my sexy red segi tiga (triangle) underwear that got Janice all excited.

Just look at her!

You might be thinking so what's this all about? Why the old picture? Perhaps Philip is up to something in his own world again. Well, you are quite right.

I thought to myself perhaps it would be meaningful to take a 'then and now' picture since both Janice and I are still in JB. Partly to show off to my grandkids one day that me, their grandpa was quite a good looking lad and of course, my aging process. Okay Jan, I know I didn't tell you that.

9 years after.

18.06.2008, Wednesday.

I am 19, Jan is 18 going 19.

I guess my red underwear didn't surprise her this time. Must be the party poppers.

That was the furthest I could possibly go as to the table set up. I even had to buy red paint to paint the plastic cups! Where on earth are those red plastic cups!?

For a side by side comparison, click here.

So in the course of all birthday celebration as tradition has it, they sang me a birthday song, burned my Happy Birthday sign made of plastic and took pictures.

I blew me candles.
If you look closely, you can actually see the burned plastic sign and damn, the candles are short!

Pangs and Chians, just like old times.

Think you've seen it all eh !?

wait till you see this.

Jan! I can do it too! How's that for Glam?
Alan looks like a damn hippie.

All in all, I am indeed very happy. Thanks to those who wished me, Zhi Yi for the meal and The Incredible Hulk (damn that movie is good!), the Chians for coming, Janice for posing (lmao), my mother for preparing the food and ang pao, Alan and Stella for helping out and Powerkids Academy for the birthday celebration 9 years ago.

Okay, I'm 19 now.


Anyone up for a game of counter strike?
screw COD2 la.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Damn Hurdle

So what did A levels do to me in the past couple of months? You wouldn't want to expect anything good coming out from A levels really. So here goes.

1. I've turned into a fat man.

2. I got so fat that I broke my chair.

3. Transformed the broken chair into a bench with wheels on it which lasted for 2 days. Not bad.

4. My mind went dancing on a fountain of wee.

5. Some attraction, somewhere.

6. Bloody cocks.

7. My finest creation, Antman.

And finally.
The sweetest note.

courtesy of kukubird

So long A levels!

Go haunt the juniors!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Truth Behind Internet Dating

*click to enlarge*


Sometimes, the internet just sucks.