Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year of Dreams and Solitude

2008 was a painful year. By all means I'm to ensure a repetition like this would never exist in my lifetime. The only upside to it, would be that I've lived through such a life and put an end to it. (period)

To sum up 2008. It was a year of self - searching. To find out how oblivious and out of touch I am with my damn self. I was a walking dead man, perfectly soulless. The numbness was dreadful. However, 2008 did teach me a lot. Through out this year, I've slowly, gradually drawn myself closer to discover what my life is all about and what I want to make out of it.

Turning from 19 to my early twenties now, this year flips open a whole new chapter and a prime one. It's time to bid goodbye to teenage life and usher in adulthood and whatever that comes along. It's time to restructure, to explore and unravel, find new purporses, expect stories to unfold and some how, inspire. A greater understanding of the things that matters most and distinguish the battles worth fighting for.

I hope 2009 would be a year of progress.

Have a good year ahead.