Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Useless Boy

Hi. hello and 2010. How I come to trust your world. Your Dream that is in the mind of many kids half way cross the globe. Such are dreams that one day digs and steals their soul. Have we lost it? Are we really not bothered with anything at all?

Though we see better data coming out, more stuffs on the shelves, more devices that makes us connected, bigger, faster, brighter, flashier. The world is not improving. It's not a better place than before, nor will it be better next time.

There's an underlining rule that in everything eventually, there will be losers.

Though we may not see it now but we'll all lose. What we have under our belt is a crippled system that goes head on with nature.

Don't you think we're trading off more than we get?

the pursuit of happiness is a profound understanding. Are we in any way happier? I'm not.


Malaria Max said...

i didnt manage to catch age of stupid. =(

Philip Pang said...

part 2 is on this sunday, same time. You still can catch that.